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Services for Third Sector Entities

Article 13 of Legislative Decree n. 117 of 03 July 2017 Third Sector Code and the most recent Ministerial Decree 2020 of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, with integration of the Accounting Standards for ETS (OIC 35), introduced substantial innovations relating to non-profit Third Sector Entities, assimilating the accounting obligations of the same to profit-making companies.

For these realities we offer highly professional services listed below:



Drafting of financial statements

(Financial statement)

Ordinary bookkeeping service is offered for ETS entities and / or OdV according to the form of financial report if the revenues (donations) do not exceed the threshold established by the current legislation,

Balance sheet consisting of Balance Sheet, Profits and Losses and Mission Report if the annual revenue threshold is exceeded.

Latest generation software, provided by our partner, will be used for the cloud management of accounting movements, therefore the possibility of maximum flexibility for updating mandatory accounting.


Financial analysis and planning

There is a growing need for companies to optimize financial income and expenses for the sustainability of the commitments undertaken and to evaluate the financial resources necessary to make new investments at the company level.

Financial planning in the company of our times is strategic and very important.

We offer analysis of the financial situation with a projection of the same in the short / medium / long term based on the historical company data, in the same time steps, of the Company itself.


Management control

Thanks to the latest generation software adopted, by organizing the activity of the Entity, it is possible for companies to obtain, in addition to the Financial Statements for the period, partial and / or temporal economic situations through cost and revenue centers for the evaluation of company performance

It is the ideal tool for the economic evaluation for single orders, for single company entities and to evaluate the performance of the same in order to optimize costs with consequent greater company profit.


All - inclusive service with professional  

Our Company actively and closely collaborates with Professionals enrolled in the National Register of Chartered Accountants and therefore is able to offer an all-inclusive service that includes all the services listed above and the assistance of a professional partner, also available for assignments of audit